Rhythm Sheets

The All Part Rhythm sheets, show dunun, bell and djembe parts to the songs.  The graphic format makes it very easy to see the relationships between the parts.  I suggest to my djembe playing students to create solo parts based on the bell or dunun parts.  Play. Play. Play!  Study with a master drummer if you wish to become well versed in these beautiful rhythms. But remember to play.
……  Music is joy.


Rhythm sheets

We finally figured it out! A way to quickly teach djembe rhythms to everyone (left and right handers) regardless of ability, age, or native language. The book includes right and left handed versions of each rhythm and  audio samples on the accompanying CD.
Drummin’ Buddies Hand Charts.

Rhythm Page Resources:
“My Life With the Djembe” by Mamady Keita
Cultural Context for Djembe Rhythms
West African Drum Rhythms
The Book of West African Rhythms” by Age Delbanco
Distributed by Drumskulls Drums
[there are many sources on the net.  If you want an authoritative voice, ask someone from the culture directly.  Everything else is liable to be interpretation.  Play anyway…  Life is Jazz.]

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