Playing. Together.

I mean it like that. Playing all by itself. Playing as opposed to working. Playing because it brings us joy. No stresses of comparison and good enough or is it hard enough or am I able enough. We’re playing here. Playing. Like kids play. Have some fun! Together is all of us.  It includes everyone. It means you need to listen to other people. It is a dialog.  One instrument speaks as a question, another a response; other instruments fill, support, encourage and burst out in joy. We need each other to make the song. We need to play together.

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More Practice; Lower Price!

Thank you so much for getting the practice video and USING it! I love the feedback. We’ll have DRUMMIN’ BUDDIES Animated... 

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Drummin’ Buddies Hand Charts – Kindle Version available

It is funny mixing ancient technology with new, just so we can say, “Me, too.” We’ve had great comments and suggestions... 

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Writing Our Own Rhythms

I am grateful for all I have learned in the past 12 years as a drummer. I am grateful for the “classical” training I got,... 

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Dunun Group – Rhythm sheet for Lamba

Here is the rhythm sheet for Lamba, including a couple of djembe parts. I’ll get an audio file up sometime today. You are so... 

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